UpChuck Used Car Sales

Welcome to Michael UpChuck’s Web Page

Selling Mobility commodities is a family tradition: my great grandfather sold horses, my grandfather sold bicycles, my dad sold ships and trains and I sell used cars. My son is now 35 years old and he is selling cell phones for Mobility Immobile Unlimited! By applying extrapolation (google this word if you don’t know what it means), I recognize the continuity of the family business.


Mission Statement

I buy used cars from auctions, new cars dealerships and whatever way I can get good cars at the rock bottom price. They don’t have to be in mint condition, because I will refurbish them with parts from the junkyard I own and the bottom line is to make you the customer happy
We will only sell cars that will last for at least 90 days with a written warranty that backs it up. At Michael UpChuck you will get as much out of your car as you pay for, this we solemnly promise. We have a car for every budget.

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